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About This Service

Call answering is taking phone calls and recording messages on behalf of our client.

With UltraQoL’s call answering services handling your inbound calls, you can now focus on your external meetings or go for vacation with peace of mind, knowing incoming sales calls will not be missed.

If you are expecting a high volume of incoming calls as a result of a short-term advertising campaign and need extra experienced telemarketers on standby, our call answering service will come in handy too.

Our telemarketing personnel are employed not only because they have a pleasant personality but they are responsible and responsive also. These qualities will ooze through the phone line when they communicate with your customers – thereby reflecting positively on the perception of your company’s service.

UltraQoL’s call answering services produce results!

The UltraQoL Advantage

1.  We genuinely care about the reputation of our clients. When we handle your calls on behalf of you, we will take good care of your customers.

2.  We proactively listen in on sales opportunity. You will then be notified promptly so that you could follow up with the potential customer accordingly.

3.  Regular reports on caller information and purpose are provided.

Our Clients

We’d engaged UltraQoL’s call-answering service twice while we went on a company retreat.

Because of UltraQoL’s reliable, quality service, phone enquiries were attended to as if our staff members were on hand to take them. As such, we didn’t miss out on any sales opportunity.

With UltraQoL as a backup, business carried on as usual and we’re able to enjoy our vacation.

Kirby Poh


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